KIMHĒKIM is a fashion brand founded in 2014 by Kiminte Kimhekim. KIMHĒKIM comes from the Korean ancient royal family name – renown for producing decorative art.

Designer Kiminte continues this heritage through the brand –
interpreting it in modern forms such as tailoring and details that create couture-level craftsmanship.

KIMHĒKIM is currently based in Seoul.
The first flagship store of the brand is located in Jongno
which hosts the symbol of Korean history and dynasty, Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Kimhekim Series

[ BUY IT IF YOU CAN ] This is a part of the collection where all your imagination comes to life. Kimhekim is creating exaggerated experimental pieces for whoever can enjoy the concept.

[ MY UNIFORM ] This series is inspired by daily life. The pieces are comfortable, so you can wear them as if they were your uniform.

[ TONIGHT ] Everyone wants to look fabulous at the party, Kimhekim offers a unique experience of high end finishing details of the garments for your unforgettable soirée.

[ KIMINTE KIMHEKIM ] This is a very special series, where the designer is trying to express what he learned about Korean traditional costumes from his grand-mother. He is in love with the beauty of the ‘Hanbok’, as a result he created this tribute, working with Korean artisans in Korea.