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PF22 Obsession Nº3 ‘Bow Universe’

PF 2022 OBSESSION N°3 ‘Bow Universe’

Here is the third chapter of our new series called OBSESSION: Designer Kiminte’s
obsession towards aesthetics, ‘Bow Universe.’

Kiminte believed that the making of bows was one of the most primitive ways people
decorated themselves and focused on developing this idea by experimenting bows with
various materials like crin mesh, metal chains, denim, down, and hound tooth…

The big bows with curved ribbon shapes wrapped around the out-of-the-world couture dresses open the door to Kimhekim’s artistic endeavor. Micro bows on gloves, rings, and necklaces light up the way. And the beloved Monroe flats flaunt her new shape inspired by ballerina toe shoes. Sunglasses in bow shapes appears to finish off the perfect look.

Essential items like hoodies, track pants and baseball caps with the new logo ‘Universe’ bring the collection back to our quotidian life.

Also, the inspiration from Korean traditional cultures such as celadons, Hanbok, and royal palaces enriches the collection imposing couture elegance.

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