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PF23 Obsession Nº6 “Hymne À La Perle”

PF 2023 OBSESSION N°6 “Hymne à la Perle”

Here is “Hymne à la Perle”, the Sixth chapter of our OBSESSION series: Designer Kiminte’s obsession towards aesthetics.

“My pearls are not only to adorn the neckline but also to create the allure itself. Playing with countless pearls, I praised the accidental beauty made by nature.”

This collection narrates the abundance of pearls, presenting a beaded headpiece with overlong pearl threads, square metal glasses embellished with pearls giving a crying effect, and a flou draped couture dress with giant pearls.

This season, the attention to detail and work on aesthetics reflect the House’s finesse and passion for handcrafts.

The classics like men’s tuxedos, single-breasted blazers, black mini and maxi dresses are reinterpreted the KIMHEKIM perspective in high-quality wool to complement this collection with its minimalistic and poetic refinement.

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