PS22 Obsession Nº1 ‘Rose & Cuir’


​We start a new series called OBSESSION: Designer Kiminte’s obsession towards aesthetics. Here is the first chapter, ‘black rose and leather’.

The inspiration came from the scents of his new perfume, Rose & Cuir made by admirable perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, as well as tailoring from early 2000. Kiminte designed his imagination of what women who wear the perfume would dress like, reflecting its elegant yet minimal scent.

OBSESSION N°1 itself is a portrayal of the perfume, as it consists of ready-to-wear items that maintain couture elegance. Some key details of this collection are couture pieces in leather, rose corsage, rose stamped prints and of course, transparent organza. Newly interpreted couture details in leather are added onto KIMHEKIM’s signature silhouettes such as the black mini dresses and black & white suits.

For this season, the looks were shot in Paris, in collaboration with photographer Fabien Dumas and stylist Victoire Seveno. KIMHEKIM’s artistic couture pieces are beautifully shown in the effortless French mood and reflects the poetic yet simple nature of Rose & Cuir.

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