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RESORT 24 Obsession Nº8 “Sailing Stripes”

RE24 OBSESSION N°8 “Sailing Stripes”

Here is “Sailing Stripes”, the eighth chapter of our OBSESSION series: Designer Kiminte’s obsession towards aesthetics.

“Looking at the bold lines of the sailor’s uniform, even my soul feels refreshed. From head to toe, couture dresses to sporty sock, I expressed my vision of a Resort Collection dipped in stripes.”

This collection pays homage to seafarers, conveying their graceful yet bold nature with the signature elegance and meticulousness of KIMHEKIM. Playful stripes take center stage, providing an airy twist on the house’s classics.

Mikado silk couture dresses flow as if submerged in a pool of stripes. More casual striped cotton denim and knit pieces sustain the mood. Pleated shorts, ribbon-adorned shirts and derbies are paired with knee-high socks to complete the Petit-Marin look. In addition, icy pink items enliven the chic monochrome looks featuring crisp poplin cotton shirts and dresses.

Indulge in the refreshing stripes of this Resort Collection, and sail through the spring with tranquil maritime charm.

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