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SS24 OBSESSION N°9 ‘Noir et Blanc’

SS24 OBSESSION N°9 ‘Noir et Blanc’

Here is “Noir et Blanc”, the ninth chapter of our OBSESSION series: Designer Kiminte’s obsession towards aesthetics.
This collection is a captivating fusion of Yin and Yang, where black harmonizes with white.

The collection weaves playful details like ribbons, organza, pearls, hair, and brand labels into every piece, highlighting KIMHĒKIM’s unique DNA. It also draws inspiration from vintage couture through tailored silhouettes.

The collection features jackets and shirts that accentuate the waist. Gathered puff sleeves exude glamour, while experimental dresses combine contrasting materials like chains and bows, creating a wholly unexpected beauty.

Tuxedo pieces adorned with pearls showcase the house’s passion for handcrafting. And a dress constructed with labels shown together symbolizes self-love. Reimagined activewear in polka dot embroidery lace completes the collection.

KIMHĒKIM also presents experimental sneakers in collaboration with ASICS, a brand continuously offering innovative comfort. Additionally, KIMHĒKIM pays close attention to maroquineries with the new ‘Heebo’ bag series, inspired by the harbinger of good news.

Discover KIMHĒKIM’s newest collection that embraces the juxtapositional but harmonious blend of Yin and Yang.

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